Our 30+ years of experience and prowess in designing, manufacturing, fashion trends and handmade products ensures us to deliver the highest quality products to large fashion houses and boutiques across UK and Europe. 

Product designing, material sourcing and end-to-end manufacturing is owned by our firm in India.

This allows us to deliver excellent product innovation using quality products at the most competitive prices.

FASHOSTYLE is our in-house UK brand, launched for the global market.

There are exclusive benefits if your buy from us.

·       Top quality products, chosen carefully and sourced from the best suppliers, nationally and internationally.

·       Competitive price and delivery at your doorsteps.

·       Products crafted to perfection, with taste and aesthetics ingrained in every detail.

·       Intricate and delicate designs, that may be vintage, hand-made or hand-stitched.

·       You can be one of the small percentages of niche customers for us, being catered for bulk buying, custom-made orders and designs.