Launched in 2015, FASHOSTYLE journey started with a dream to conquer the world of fashion needs. We as a business focus on high-end leather products and gift collectibles sourced from India primarily. We target both B2B (wholesale) and B2C (online) customers through our website, acting as manufacturers (Unit based in India) and wholesale distributors to independent retailers and boutiques across UK.

We strongly believe in offering STYLE, COMFORT, and HIGH QUALITY leather products combined with AFFORDABILITY, to our clients.  

We work with a number of leading and most innovative service providers to meet our customer needs and requirements. 

·       Our products are made as per the UK and European norms and standards.

·       For the designs and craftsmanship, our prices are very competitive.

·       Our customers receive an unmatched selection in leather products as we import from India. 

·       This makes our pricing very cost-effective due to low cost of manufacturing compared to the locals.